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21.03.2017 - Climate change 'makes deadly China pollution worse'
Global warming has boosted the frequency and severity of deadly air pollution peaks in northern China, scientists said Monday.
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20.03.2017 - Climate change key suspect in the case of India’s vanishing groundwater
New study links India’s water crisis to the impact of climate change, which has weakened recent monsoons.
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15.03.2017 - Climate change could shrink animals, warn scientists
Animals could start shrinking because of global warming, scientists have predicted, after discovering that mammals became ‘dwarfed’ in a similar episode of climate change 50 million years ago.
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14.03.2017 - Climate Change Might Increase Fire Risks in Mediterranean Europe, According To Study
In the Scientific Reports journal, a newly published research that tackles about the climate change might take increases in fire risks across Mediterranean Europe in the coming decades. The risk of the forest to fire will increase but the effects of the climate change on the areas that are prone to burn are not always clear.
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14.03.2017 - Climate Change Complicates the Whole Dam Debate
With California now on track to have the rainiest year in its history—on the heels of its worst drought in 500 years—the state has become a daily reminder that extreme weather events are on the rise. And the recent near-collapse of the spillway at California’s massive Oroville Dam put an exclamation point on the potentially catastrophic risks.
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12.03.2017 - Climate Change Making Kenya’s Droughts More Severe
The Super El Nino of 2015 to 2016 wrought droughts and floods around the world, yet it is its sister La Nina that is now fuelling drought and hunger in East Africa.
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08.03.2017 - Climate change may drive more migration in future, Europeans say
Climate change is not a driving force behind migration today – but it could be in the future, residents in four European countries believe.
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08.03.2017 - Climate change impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans
The citizens of four major European countries think the impacts of climate change such as severe floods and storms are already affecting them, according to a major new polling study.
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06.03.2017 - Climate change impact on Australia may be irreversible, five-yearly report says
An independent review of the state of Australia’s environment has found the impacts of climate change are increasing and some of the changes could be irreversible.
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03.03.2017 - Climate change adaptation: Kenya goes local with a bottom-up approach
It was a modest intervention — a drop in the ocean of global climate finance — yet it has made the difference between profit and loss for a group of businesswomen in southeast Kenya’s Makueni County.
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